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Performance and NOx Emissions of Refinery Fired Heaters ...

Jan 01 2013 · This is compared with SMR with pre- and post-combustion capture. Reformer fired heaters (one charge and 3 inter-heaters) are considered to perform preliminary process design and comparisons. The duties of the reformers are 24.3 MW 28.1 MW 13.5 MW and 6.5 MW respectively. The efficiency of the is taken to be 90% [4].

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Water Heating Methane Boiler - methane gas CH4 boiler Gas Central Heating Boiler For Sale. John Jechura [email protected] Updated: January 4 2015 Hydrogen from Natural Gas via Steam Reforming (SMR) Condensing Combi Gas A will provide copious amounts of hot water and warmth all year.

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