faeasibility high pressure boiler Agent

Techno-economic evaluations for feasibility of sago-based ...

Mar 01 2016 · This is also to avoid condensation of sulphur and thus preventing corrosion of materials. The boiler feed water (BFW) which is preheated in an economiser is heated up in the boiler and then converted into saturated and ultimately into superheated high pressure steam (at 50 bar) in the steam drum of boiler. A part of the generated superheated steam is sent to the existing sago starch

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US4711726A - Carboxylate N-vinylamide copolymers for ...

Copolymers of acrylic or methacrylic acid with certain N-vinyl amides are excellent treating agents to prevent scale and corrosion caused by boiler waters in contact with heat transfer surfaces. US4711726A - Carboxylate N-vinylamide copolymers for internal scale control and passivation in systems - Google Patents

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Boiler Treatment Chemicals - DEHA - Diethyl Hydroxyl Amine ...

ACUTHERM 3005 is a high performance Boiler Water Alkalinity Builder scientifically formulated to maintain boiler feed water pH and alkalinity within a recommended operating range. ACUTHERM 3005 aids the control of feed water pH and boiler system alkalinity. Product Benefits: High performance boiler water alkalinity builder.

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