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The 12/2/2011 NOSB recommendation advises the NOP to establish the following avian minimum space requirements: Laying hens and breeders: 2.0 sq ft/bird indoors 2.05.0 sq ft/bird outdoors; Pullets: 23 lbs/sq ft indoors 23 lbs/sq ft outdoors; Broilers: lbs/sq ft indoors 2 lbs/sq ft outdoors

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Chapter 3: General Regulations California Mechanical Code ...

[OSHPD 1 1R 2 4 & 5] For projects associated with provision of psychiatric services in acute psychiatric hospitals general acute-care hospitals and special treatment program service units in skilled nursing facilities psychiatric seclusion and holding-patient rooms shall be designed with security diffusers grilles and registers.

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Incorporate Minimum Efficiency Requirements for Heating ...

The table below includes minimum efficiency requirements for the following ENERGY STAR-qualified covered product categories: air-source heat pumps (residential) and geothermal heat pumps (residential). These ASHRAE 90.-2016 Table 6.8.- and Table 6.8.-2 equipment types are excluded: through-the-wall air cooled; small-duct high velocity air cooled; air conditioners water cooled; air ...

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